Upper Potomac River
November 20th - 26th 2016

This week was tough.  It is starting to frost almost every night. This means the water temp is getting colder and colder. The water temp this week was in the mid 40's. I don't mind the cold air or the cold water. What I do mind is the wind. It makes it feel colder than what it really is and worst of all it hinders the ability to feel the bite of a nice smallmouth or largemouth. The bite is hard enough to recognize without the wind blowing 20 mph. With all of that being said this is the time of year where a fishermen can really have a great chance at catching a real trophy bass. The upper Potomac River produces some really big smallmouth and largemouth. I firmly believe that the upper Potomac River has the biggest and meanest smallies in the state of Maryland. Here are a few of the lures I have been using to catch these cold water bass. The first lure I believe you should not go on the river without is a suspending jerkbait made by Lucky Craft Lures. The 2 models I fish with are the Pointer 78 and Pointer 100.  The next lure I don't fish without this time of year is a tube bait. Confidence baits, Mizmo Bait Company and River Rock Custom Baits make a great tube bait. These baits need to be fished slow and on the bottom of the river. The last bait I have been using is a hair jig made by Andy's Custom Bass Lures. These jigs are top of the line  jigs that get the job done even in the toughest of conditions. With all of the baits I have mentioned in this review I only tie them to Gamma Fishing Line ( http://www.gammafishing.com/). I use their braided line (Torque) and there Fluorocarbon line (Edge). With this combination braid and fluorocarbon as a leader you cant go wrong. The quality of the line is unmatched. Remember with all that's been said in this review. Always fish very slow this time of year. If you think you are fishing slow fish slower.

April 26th to the 1st of May

The end of April saw the Potomac River rise to over 7 feet and the temps rise to almost 70 degrees. If you fished above Landers Boat ramp you noticed that the water was a little clearer which made for better fishing. I was using black/ green pumpkin colored plastic baits, small senko baits and tube baits. Whenever the water gets to be that brown color fishing success tends to drop off. We were catching smallmouth bass behind large rocks that were still sticking up above the waters surface. I say that because of how high the water was. They were in the eddies and the current seams. You should start seeing more of a summer pattern very soon. Once the water clears I would start trying more moving baits and topwater baits.  If you would like to experience fishing on the Potomac River this spring or summer then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. SWFA is a full service fishing guide operation (301-820-5378). BE GUIDED BY THE BEST!         

Upper Potomac River

February 4th 2017

Today was very cold and windy. My cousin Greg Greene from FOBA bass club (Check out FOBA on my RATES page) and I fished a charity tournament for St. Jude's in Brunswick Maryland. Very few bass were caught today. Some were caught around Lander boat ramp and others were caught north of the 340 bridge just above Brunswick Camp Grounds. Greg and I were able to get one in the boat today using a jig and pig combo. We were also using hair jigs made by Andy's Custom Bass Lures, tube baits made by River Rock Custom Baits. With those baits we were using 8# Gamma fluorocarbon line. We caught our smallmouth bass in still water/ eddies made by rocks in the middle of the river. Catching these fish today took patients and still/ dead water. Our fish was caught in about 6 feet of water and the fish weighed 2.9 pounds at weigh in. We also had some bites but were unable to hook up (capitalize) with those fish. We finished 9th out of 42 boats. Today really shows what patients can bring when fishing water at 37 degrees. When the water drops below 39 degrees the percentage of catching fish really does not work in our favor. However, the fish you do catch will possibly be a personal best. For winter time fishing contact Jeff from Shallow Water Fishing Adventures (301) 820-5378.    

At the end of February and the beginning of March the river fought through a cold front that brought freezing temperatures. We were getting fish in the boat by fishing eddies and slow moving water. The water was low and clear. The lures of choice were jerk baits and tube baits. These baits were fished very slow. All of the water we caught fish in had either man-made structures or natural structures all over. The great thing  about winter is the potential of landing a giant smallmouth or largemouth bass. That is what keeps me out on the water when the weather is cold. The water was in the mid to low 40's. I am sure looking forward to the spring and summer seasons of fishing this year.

If you want to experience one of the best guided fishing trips of your life then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures today 301-820-5378. Jeff always has a plan A,B or C to get you on the fish.


March  19th-25th

This week on the Potomac River we saw the water rise and we saw it warm up. These two occurrences made for better than average fishing. With the water in the low 50's you will start seeing Smallmouth Bass staging for the spawn. You will be able to find them on flats in shallow water. Look for shallow flats near deep water and structure. You should be using Jerkbaits, tubes and small bass jigs. You will need to fish these baits slow. As the water gets warmer you will start seeing Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass chasing faster moving baits. During that time you should use spinnerbaits. chatterbaits and small crank baits. If you would like to experience fishing on the Potomac River this spring then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. SWFA is a full service fishing guide operation (301-820-5378). BE GUIDED BY THE BEST!  


January  31st 2017

I will be attending a fishing show at Berkeley Springs High School in Berkeley Springs  West Virginia on Feb. 18th as a vender. On March 4th and 5th I will be attending the West Virginia Fishing & Hunting Outdoor Show in Morgantown WV as a vender. In April 2017 I will be doing seminars for the Girls Scouts of America Troop 3036 and a seminar for the Potomac River Smallmouth Club (PRSC) in Northern Virginia. Please contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures if you are interested in Shallow water Fishing Adventures conducting a seminar for your group or club.




Upper Potomac River
December 17th 2016

Here is your fishing report for the beginning of winter. What ever you do, do not go out on the river right now, it's not even a little safe its dangerous. I like to fish in the winter but I even know when to stay off the river. Once the ice goes away you should not have any problem fishing from a boat. Remember to wear a life jacket of some kind and bring dry clothes with you incase you were to get wet.

This month fishing on the Potomac River has gotten better and better. The water is now in the low 60's and rising. The water is a little stained but not terrible. Now that April is close to being over, the water is only going to get warmer and warmer. This means crazy smallmouth action. Soon we will be getting into the top water bite, which is some of the most fun you can have on the Potomac River. For late April and early May I would keep throwing tubes, senkos, bass jigs with pork trailers and jerkbaits. Look for the eddies/ slack water for some big smallmouth. You should also start experimenting with your faster moving baits. Those baits would be crankbaits, swimbaits, all topwater baits, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. These smallmouth bass break the rules all the time and you should always be ready for them. In the next couple of weeks if we get several days of very warm weather (meaning 80 or higher) expect these smallies to hit topwater baits (example poppers and buzzbaits) and chase baits. If you would like to experience fishing on the Potomac River this spring then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. SWFA is a full service fishing guide operation (301-820-5378). BE GUIDED BY THE BEST!  

Upper Potomac River February 26th- March 4th

Upper Potomac River May 14th - 19th

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Upper Potomac River
November 6th - 12th 2016
Fishing this week has been tough from Seneca/ Riley's Lock all of the way up to Brunswick Maryland. The water has been between 50 and 55 degrees. The water is very clear and very low. When you are out there fishing watch where you are going. There are rocks that you would normally never see but because of the water level they are now a problem and are dangerous. Most of the fish this week have been caught on suspending Jerkbaits made by Lucky Craft. The model being used is called a Pointer 78. I have also been using tube baits made by Confidence Baits. These tubes are called The Little Tube. These tubes are 2 inches long. You should rig them on a Draggin Head Hook. Buy their micro size Draggin head hook for these tubes. All the other tube baits I have been using are 3 inches and smaller in length. I have been using natural colored tubes that mimic crayfish. All of these lures are being used with 8# Gamma flourocarbon with braided Gamma fishing line. I have been fishing these different lures near structure close to the shore. I have observed that all of these areas with fish also have depth and bottom structure change/ contour. The fish are very spread out along the river. Remember to fish very slow and be patient for these Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. They are there but it will take them longer to take baits this time of year on the Upper Potomac River because they are acclimating to the colder waters. I do not believe these bass on this part of the river (The Upper) really handle the colder water as well as bass on rivers just north of us in Pennsylvania. When you do catch one, feel how cold they are and look how fat there bellies are getting. You can tell they are trying to get ready for the cold winter months ahead.

Soon these fish will start going to there wintering holes. These wintering holes will keep these fish safe until the following spring. Remember to always wear your life jacket this time of year.
If you would like to book a late fall or winter time fishing trip with Shallow Water Fishing Adventures you can call 301-820-5378 or go to http://dev.shallowwaterfishingadventures.net/home.html and you can find Shallow Water fishing Adventures on Facebook.          

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This week has been tough because of the rain and high water levels. Its ok that the water rises but not to the point of where it becomes dangerous. The temperature of the water has gone down from the upper 60's to the high 50's. Once the water goes back down to safe levels, keep fishing with tubes and senko type baits. I had some luck with spinnerbaits as well. Keep your spinnerbaits at 3/8 oz or less. Keep fishing the eddies on the river and fish around rocks that you see sticking up out of the water. If you have a chance to fish the creeks that pour into the main part of the river I would also do that. If you would like to experience fishing on the Potomac River then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. SWFA is a full service fishing guide operation (301-820-5378). BE GUIDED BY THE BEST!    

This was one of the best weeks so far this year. The water temp was in the high 60's and stained with high water. We have had alot of rain but that has not stopped the action at all. If you are planning on fishing the upper Potomac River anytime soon I would stick with throwing tube baits and senko baits. Focus on the rocks and slow moving water in the main part of the river. Any place you can find slow moving water you will find fish. Fish these areas well. You might have to cast into these still water location several times before you get bit. As the water warms up and summer gets closer try using any type of fast moving bait to induce a strike from a smallmouth or largemouth bass. If you would like to experience fishing on the Potomac River then contact Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. SWFA is a full service fishing guide operation (301-820-5378). BE GUIDED BY THE BEST!    

April 2017 fishing report so far

‚Äčon the upper Potomac River

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Upper Potomac River May 7th- 13th 2017

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Where the Adventure Begins

October 23rd through October 29th 2016

The Upper Potomac River has been fishing very well for the past few weeks. However, this week we were hit by one of the very first cold fronts of the year letting us know that winter is coming. When this happens the smallmouth and largemouth bass sometimes don't want to cooperate. But with a little knowledge and patients you can be very successful. This week I found that using 8# pound test fluorocarbon Edge and braided Torque line from Gamma Fishing Line tied to suspending jerkbaits made by Lucky Craft lureswere getting fish in the boat. Some other baits that get smallies and largemouth in the boat this time of the year on the Upper Potomac River are hair jigs made by Andy's Jigs, tube baits made by RIVER ROCK CUSTOM BAITS. I like to use tubes 3 inches or smaller.

This week I had a chance to fish with a fellow guide from the lower tidal Potomac River Steve Chaconas. Steve is the best fishing guide on the lower Potomac River. He is the owner of National Bass Guide Service. If anybody is looking to catch largemouth or snakeheads on the lower he's the guide to contact. He provides great service while on the water and will share his years of experience with you about the lower Potomac River  tidal waters. You can contact him by phone at 703-380-7119 or you can go to his website http://www.nationalbass.com.   

Upper Potomac River

February 19th- 25th
This week we saw the weather warm up in an unseasonal way. With this warming trend we saw smallmouth start to move all over the river. They were in deep and shallow water. My bait of choice for this warming trend was a suspending jerk bait. With this lure we were targeting the slow moving water on the shore lines and the eddies in the middle of the river where the water was deeper. The bite at times was very lethargic. All of the areas we caught fish in had one common denominator and that was chunk rock. If you get the chance to experience some of this action remember the suspending jerk bait is a great bait for the upper Potomac River when the water is in the  forties. 

Go fishing with Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. Book a trip with SWFA. The service that is provided on these trips is second to none. Contact Jeff today 301-820-5378.